Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

IPA stands for Inter-Hospital Physicians Association.  We are an organization comprised of employed physicians and independent physicians who join together as an association.  The IPA staff supports the physicians through administrative services such as group contract negotiations, education, and quality improvement initiatives overseen and directed by the physician board of directors.  Portland IPA is not a clinic and does not see patients, the physicians who participate do.

Yes, your membership will follow you if you are an MD/DO and remain practicing within the Portland area.  Our contracts are with the individual providers and not the clinic.  Your contract participation will match the new clinic’s participation and any associated contract dues will apply.

If the new clinic does not participate with the IPA, your membership will be terminated as IPA shareholders are required to participate in at least one group contract.  The new clinic’s physicians are able to apply for membership and it takes about 60-90 days for credentialing to be completed by the health plans.

Members will receive an invoice in October for renewal of contract participation for the following contract year .  There is no charge for Medicare and Medicaid-OHP contracts through the IPA.  All other contract participation is $30.00 per provider, per year.