Longtime health leader Donna McClellan R.N., has announced her retirement as Executive Director from the Portland InterHospital Physicians Association (Portland IPA). Pamela Bauer, CPA, the Portland IPA's current Chief Operating Officer, has been named her successor.

Bauer began as Controller at the Portland IPA in January, 1999, having come from the role of Vice President and Human Resources Accounting Manager at U.S. Bancorp and as Senior Accountant at Geffen Mesher & Co., P.C. In March, 2005, Bauer was named the Portland IPA’s Chief Financial Officer. In May, 2016, she took on the additional role of Chief Operating Officer. She succeeds McClellan starting January 14, 2019.

The Portland IPA has more than 3,500 physician and provider members.

"Pam has great experience providing leadership to Oregon's largest physician group," said Susan Clack, M.D., chair of the Portland IPA’s board of directors. In her 20 years at the Portland IPA, Bauer has led operational performance including financial management and oversight; human resources; contracting; business development; IT; and facilities management. Pam recently oversaw the Portland IPA's office move from north Portland to the Montgomery Park office building. Bauer and retiring Executive Director Donna McClellan, R.N., have worked together at the Portland IPA since McClellan joined the organization in 2008. McClellan had a healthcare career that spanned 47 years, beginning as a registered nurse before focusing on healthcare administration in a variety of roles, including provider contracting role at Cigna, and medical operations with Kaiser Permanente prior to joining the Portland IPA as Executive Director.

"Pam has led the IPA to implement 'best practice' thinking and helps our physician practices to innovate, provide excellent care and thrive," said Dr. Clack. "Under her operational leadership, we have met or exceeded our goals of healthcare delivery and efficacy. We are excited about our growth opportunities in the future. And, we appreciate the long service Donna has given to the IPA and wish her well."

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About The Portland InterHospital Physicians Association

The Portland InterHospital Physicians Association (Portland IPA), is a for-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of Oregon. Portland IPA has been in existence since 1983 and is one of the largest and oldest independent practice associations in the United States. The Portland IPA contracts on behalf of more than 3,500 northern Oregon members, including primary care doctors, specialists and allied providers. The Portland IPA provides member services and assistance improving members’ health care efficiencies, and clinical and economic performance.

The Portland IPA also hosts Care Connect Northwest, LLC is an organization of primary care and specialty physicians who focus on improving the delivery of care through collaboration and building common initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of care, and outcomes.